Need To Know About Hombre Hair Colour

By | September 13, 2012

Ombre hair derives from the French word “hombre hair” means shading. Basically the darker side on the roots and brighter on the outside to the end. So actually this hombre craziness trend is a matter of highlight some part of your hair dye with single or two colours which lighter than your natural hair color.

Hombre hair color is applicable in any hair color based. So whether you are blackish, brownish, blonde even reddish hair color, you can always have hombre hair. Often stated that blonde goes well with bronde which can give the sun–kissed effect to your hair, or strawberry blonde shade which spot your cute childish side. Some expert mention black and brown are perfect for brunette, chestnut, golden yellowish and light ash. Meanwhile, reddish can compromise something that a little bit lighter, red ruby and true cooper for sophisticated performance. Or burgundy, violet and deep mahogany that praises your skin tone perfectly. But, I suppose there is no any fix rule too in doing ombre hair coloring. I think the best hombre hair colour is when you can go contrast and show off your face.

Traditionally requires toothbrush and comb, while you may use foil in modern term. You can log on the internet to find the best way how to dye hombre hair which suits you most. Or, you can observe by watching you tube video for live tutorial. But, for you who don’t want a nightmare ending, you can ask reference from fashion and style magazine or full information from your stylist and salon. The simplest one, you can always leave the process to a professional.

Hombre Hair Colour Need To Know About Hombre Hair Colour

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The Ombre Hair Trend Need To Know About Hombre Hair Colour

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